Mixing Behemoth Bubble Juice

In a large bowl or bucket, add 1 tbsp of Behemoth Bubble Powder to 1 cup Dawn* dish soap. Mix gently until lumps are gone. Slowly add 1 gallon of water. Mix gently. Place strings from Behemoth Bubble Wand into the mixture and let rest for 10 minutes before use.

*We highly recommend Dawn, but have had good results with other brands as well. 

Using the Behemoth Bubble Wand

To make Behemoth Bubbles, hold the ends of the Behemoth Bubble Wand and dip the cotton cord into the Behemoth Bubble Juice. Gently pull the Behemoth Bubble Wand up, holding the tips together to keep the cotton loop closed. Once you have all of the cotton cord out of the Behemoth Bubble Juice, gently separate the tips to open the loop. When you have a Behemoth Bubble, gently put the tips together again to close off the Behemoth Bubble and set it free. You should be able to make several Behemoth Bubbles from one dip in the Behemoth Bubble juice.

Care instructions:

For best results, rinse the cotton cord after each use and hang to dry.

Tips for the best Behemoth Bubbles:

Behemoth Bubble Juice works best if you let it sit for a short time before use. While you let your Behemoth Bubble Juice sit, place the strings into the juice so they can become fully saturated before use. If you do not do these steps, it is not a deal breaker, but it may take a few tries before you start getting Behemoth Bubbles.
The best Behemoth Bubbles happen on cooler days with high humidity. Grassy areas with a bit of shade or cloud cover provide the best results. Lots of sunlight will make your Behemoth Bubbles evaporate and pop quicker. A gentle breeze is all you need. High winds will shred the Behemoth Bubbles into lots of little bubbles. If there is no wind, gently wave your Behemoth Bubble Wand or walk around with it to create your own wind. Most important of all, have fun!